UniHeat 72 Hour Multi-Purpose Jumbo Shipping Warmer (Free Shipping)

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Pack Dimensions:
4.5" x 6"


  • Our most popular pack! Designed for reliable and continuous heat release for 72+ hours
  • Simply to use and delivery optimal results with color indicator on the warmer
  • Excellent for shipping plants, flowers, paints, liquids, and other cold temperature sensitive goods
  • Produces an average temperature of 70°F in a standard 1 cu. ft. shipping box
  • Environmentally safe with non-toxic ingredients, dispose with regular trash
  • Simply open the package and expose to air, no kneeding or shaking required


Uniheat 72 Hour Multi-purpose Mega Shipping Pack is a unique shipping warmer are designed especially for shipping plants, reptiles, fish and corals. Wholesale exporters use them worldwide for shipping plant, reptile and fish. The Uni-Heat Warmer will warm up and is ready to use within 5-15 minute of being exposed to the air. One heat pack will increase the temperature of a 1 cu. ft. box by 20 degrees, for every additional heat pack that you use the temperature, will raise an additional 10 degrees. Each heat pack will last more than 72 hours and is environmentally safe, disposable and the inner contents are biodegradable.


Iron powder, water, wood powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, and salt. The inner contents are environmentally safe, disposable and biodegradable.


The inner and external bags are made of non-woven fabric and polyethylene film, respectively.